Why should you invest in an Engagement Shoot?

  • They're a brilliant way for you to get used to being in front of the camera.
  • It gives us a chance to meet up! As much as I want to find out more about you, I want you to know that you can feel comfortable around me and trust me ahead of the wedding day. 
  • Engagements are the best excuse for some fab photos of you both, other than the wedding of course! Some couples like to use them for their 'Save the Date' cards, invitations or wedding websites too.
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What our time together will entail!

I always want to begin by buying you both a glass of wine or a cup of tea in a cosy coffee shop. Let's get to know one another! This makes for the most beautiful and relaxed photos. During our time together I can offer some creative and practical advice to personally fit around your wedding visions. After this, we'll adventure out to get inventive and have some photo-fuelled fun! Let's hit the forests, the beach, or the city streets...

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The Location

I am happy to suggest where we could go, but if you would like to choose your own location, then here are a few tips...

  • Natural light is the most flattering light, so preferably choose somewhere outdoors. 
  • If you think you will find members of the public off-putting, avoid a park or a busy city. Generally, the more private locations work best! Less distractions will allow for us to feel more free and peaceful. 
  • If you would like to go for a walk through a forest or fields, the wilder the better! Overgrown forests and uncropped fields give off interesting textures and tones. 
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The season, the day and the time 

  • THE SEASON: All seasons bring different and beautiful elements to the photos. Personally I find that the colours of Autumn, along with the golden Autumnal sun, can draw out a warm and flattering glow. The Summer sun can sometimes create harsh shadows and make the photos seem less soft, so if you would like a Summer shoot, I highly recommend an evening shoot when the sun is a bit lower! 
  • THE DAY: Engagement Shoots generally take place on week days (Monday - Friday). Depending on the season, weekend shoots are a possibility. 
  • THE TIME: The best time to shoot is roughly an hour before the sun sets. This gives us a chance to catch the golden hour! 
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Finer Details

  • An Engagement Shoot costs £250.
  • Payment can be made after the photoshoot. I'll send you an invoice before I send you the link for the gallery.
  • You'll receive around 30-40 edited photos via a bespoke online gallery, where you'll be able to download the photos and instantly share them with family and friends. 
  • To book, fill in the form at the bottom of this page, and we'll get a date in the diary!  
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What if it rains? We will keep an eye on the weather forecast in the days leading up to the shoot, but I will be happy to reschedule the shoot to a drier and brighter day at no extra cost!

What shall we wear? Anything that you feel comfortable in! Simples. 

Shall we bring anything along with us? It's completely up to you. Here are a few suggested items...

  • A blanket
  • A flask
  • A hamper
  • Lanterns
  • Your dog...yep! - I love dogs and he/she would be totally welcome!

How long will an Engagement Shoot last? We'll have a coffee together first, but the actual photoshoot will last around one hour.

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let's get a date in the diary! 

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