Getting Ready -1.jpg

My approach:

  • Emotions will be high so I'll be taking a step back and capturing the natural occurrences!

  • If there is a spacious and appropriate place to take photos of the bride's hanging dress, shoes, jewellery, and bouquet, then I may slip away to do so. Otherwise, I'll ensure I get photos of these items when the bride is wearing them.

For your itinerary: 

  • I'll arrive 2-3 hours before the Ceremony starts.

  • Once the bride is in her dress, it would be great if I could have 15 minutes to take some bridal portraits, just before I head to the Ceremony.


  • Keep things as tidy as you would like them to be seen in your photographs!

  • Perhaps put some music on! It can lighten the atmosphere, and is a good distraction from the camera clicks.


Ceremony -1.jpg

My approach:

  • I will be as discreet as possible and simply capture the Ceremony as it unfolds.

  • Due to legal reasons, I will not be allowed to take photos when you sign the register. After you have signed the document we can then take a staged photo of you and your witnesses with a blank register which usually the Registrars provide.

For your itinerary:

  • I’ll arrive at the Ceremony venue 30 minutes before the service begins. This gives me time to set up and capture the groom and groomsmen in action, guests arriving, and any decorations/flowers within the venue.

Things to check: 

  • Check with the priest or registrar whether there are any parts of the Ceremony I can not take photos, or whether there are restrictions about where I can stand.

  • Please check whether there is parking for me, and reserve a space for ‘Alice Cunliffe Photography’ if you feel spaces could get filled up.


Guest -1.jpg

For your itinerary:

  • Allow roughly 2 hours after finishing the Ceremony for a confetti line, group photos, photos of just the two of you, and for you to see your guests. This will allow me to get some natural photos of you mingling with friends and family. I’ll slip away for 10 minutes just before everyone sits down for the meal to take photos of the space you’ll be sitting down to eat in.

  • Please add on any travel time to the 2 hours.

  • Please be aware that if you’re planning on doing a ‘receiving line’ after the Ceremony or just before the meal, this adds an additional 20 minutes to your itinerary.



My approach:

  • I will direct you as much or as little as you like! Generally, I will lead you in to a position and then allow you to relax in to it and be yourselves.

For your itinerary:

  • It will completely depend on the weather and the season as to when I take you off for these photos! Therefore, please stay flexible on this! Generally, in the Spring and Summer months, where the days stay light for longer, I will take you off during the afternoon for 15 minutes, and then again just before sunset for another 20 minutes. In Autumn and Winter months, when the sun sets much earlier, I’ll take you off around 30 minutes in the afternoon.

  • If we will be driving somewhere other than the Ceremony and Reception location, add this travel time on to the 30 minutes and think about parking.


  • If I am not saying anything, it means I love what you’re doing!

  • Silence is a beautiful thing - embrace the peace and stillness.

  • Make each other laugh! Weirdness is welcomed.

  • Stay close. The more physical contact the better!

  • Don’t look to me to direct your EVERY movement; look at each other. Laugh, chat or simply ‘be’.

  • Don’t worry about what I’m thinking! If there is anything I want to change, I’ll change it. I’ll usually be thinking about composition, lighting and whether I’m capturing the reality in the best possible and flattering way!

  • Remember that you are truly beautiful and that you just got freaking MARRIED!!



My approach:

  • I keep this part of the day fairly traditional, but I like to take a few more creative and relaxed photos of the bridal party (bridesmaids and groomsmen) if there is any spare time and if you’re up for a bit of fun!

How it works:

  • Before the day, I will ask you to provide me with a list of all the Group Photographs you require on the day.

  • I will also ask you for the names of two ‘runners’. These are people who know who is who on the list, and they will be responsible for ‘herding’ everyone on the list!

For your itinerary:

  • Allow 4-5 minutes per traditional group photo. Allow an extra 10-15 minutes if you’d like some more creative and relaxed photos of the bridal party (optional) 


  • Keep your list no longer than 8-10 different groupings. Organising guests at weddings is sometimes like herding cats(!) so can sometimes feel a little overwhelming for the bride & groom. We will of course keep it as efficient and relaxed as possible!

  • At this point in the day, you wouldn’t have spent much time mingling with guests, so after the Group Photos are over, ensure you then have some down time scheduled in to see everyone and sip on your favourite cocktail before sitting down to eat.


SPEECHES 2-1.jpg

Things to check:

  • Please ensure I have some food provided. Once you start eating, I’ll slip away to eat, rest and re-fuel before returning for the speeches!


All the rest of the fun will be captured naturally without any direction from me. If you feel you want any further advice though please just ping me over an email! I am here for YOU.

Please remember that the advice is only there for you if you want it. You may have completely different ideas about how you want things to run, and that’s fine! You’ll naturally plan your day around what is important to you.

I can’t wait to hear about what’s in store when we chat later on down the line!

Good luck!